Terms of Service



The guiding principle of our business is to contribute to the sustainable development of the company and the realization of business excellence.

It is especially important that:

- the company's management provides everything necessary for the operation of the management system to enable quality growth on the road to business excellence and ensured an appropriate


- develop and manufacture sophisticated and technologically advanced products considering the

their life cycle, all of which contribute to sustainable development among our customers;

- we provide quality products for all our customers;

- we successfully and efficiently achieve our goals and at the same time we can achieve or even

exceed the requirements, needs and expectations of all interested parties;

- we build a mutually beneficial partnership with suppliers based on mutual

respect and trust;

- we use natural resources wisely;

- we oblige each employee to work well and comply with compliance requirements (legal and other requirements) and to the appropriate attitude towards the environment;

- provide an appropriate work environment in which all employees can creatively and

motivated achieve their personal and business growth

- we take into account employee satisfaction, and at the same time all employees respect prescribed and accepted elements of the management system;

- management regularly monitors and measures the achievement of the level of quality and impact of implementation activities on the environment and the efficiency of environmental management systems;

- we are committed to continuously improving the management system


Goals of the leadership system

- meet the expectations of customers and all other stakeholders, including our employees

- comply with the requirements of the standards

- ensure price competitiveness

- delivered on terms that ensure business success

- take care of safe and orderly affairs

- act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development



- comply with the requirements of the applicable laws

- Ensure resource management

- Maintain the level of technological knowledge

We are aware that quality is primarily people, so we respect the knowledge and innovation and ideas of each personnel.

All employees are fully aware and understand the management policy. We are familiar with politics and its basic goals through established channels of communication within our company.

Employees ensure that our actions are aimed at meeting this policy, framework, and objectives implementation to improve the management system.

The rules are available to anyone involved in our business. The public can access it via the web addresses or may submit them at their request.


Pazin, 14.05.2021